Scientific research from historical and archeological institutions in the Netherlands and in the U.S. enable us to rebuild the Onrust exactly in the style and with similar materials used in 17th century shipbuilding. Extensive archeological research of Dutch shipwrecks in the Netherlands over the last few decades has revealed the real anatomy of this particular ship-type. The general dimensions of the 

America’s First Dutch Ship
The public can view the ship’s most unique features during construction - the unusual, but most efficient building techniques developed by the Dutch. Dutch shipbuilders produced ships much faster and less expensive than any other country in Western Europe during the 17th century and made the Dutch the undisputed market leaders in shipbuilding for many decades. These techniques have been rediscovered and will be reapplied for the first time since being abandoned in the 18th century.
Onrust have been recovered from the original 17th century records relating to the first trading activities in 
America in the town archives of Amsterdam. Additional pertinent information has been derived from the documents at the New York State Archives in Albany, NY. 

With her smaller dimensions, the Onrust will be perfect for use on coastal waterways and inland river and canal systems.  The ship’s hold and the spacious deck will provide room for 25 passengers.  

The Onrust reconstruction is dedicated to rediscovering New York’s ancient byways. The ship’s completion date and launch was May 20th, 2009, during the 400th anniversary of the first Dutch exploration of the river under the command of Captain Henry Hudson. The Onrust will showcase the early history of the Capital District and its role as a major shipbuilding community throughout the 19th century. This floating museum will provide the public with a real life experience in 17th- century maritime exploration.
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